Wahhaj Leisure Yachts & Boats Rental was established by its founders with a passion

to conglomerate their experiences, filter them and provide an opportunity to share the best of all experiences with people.

The foundation and common denominator of such experiences was, and will always be “quality time and the fun of the journey”

At Wahhaj Leisure we provide premium top-of-class services to our customers who are seeking to enjoy their journey at deep blue sea.

Yacht decoration.


Luxury transportation.

VIP Services.

Swimming lagoon

Vitamin Sea Services.

Special occasions  |  Corporate events  |  Family cruises

Vitamin Sea cruises  |  Swimming point lagoon

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Office location            

Level 5, office 19, Maritime business center,

Dubai Maritime City (DMC)

Facility location            

Fishing Harbor 3, Umm Suqaim 2, Dubai

Email: info@wahhajyachts.com

Mobile: +971 56 550 4333

Call:  +971 50 357 7300






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We provide premium luxury yachts rental services.

We provide professional fishing boat rental services.

We employ qualified captains and highly experienced professionals.

The customers’ experience is our top priority.

Our packages are tailored specific to our customers’ needs.

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Get in touch with us and Sea more! Call one of our experienced staff who will be delighted to know your dose requirement of Vitamin Sea and discuss our various services with you.

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